Two-time loser, twice! (serve mechanic)

I’ve been doing volleyball for about five years now.  Add to that all the years I watched my daughters play, and I don’t think I have ever actually seen a server let the ball drop twice in one rotation.

This week I had it happen while I was R1 ... twice ... in one day ... at two different schools.

I knew this was a loss of serve and whistled and signaled the point/loss of serve ... but I wasn’t sure of the proper signal mechanic.  Neither were either of my partners.

Looking in the NFHS rule book, there is a delay of serve mechanic (which I ashamedly did not know/remember).  I’m thinking that is what it should be.  Help?

Once the re-serve is called for they have 5/8 seconds (depends on code) to serve. If they throw it up and drop it, they still only have the allotted time. If it is not served within that time, then signal the delay and award their opponents point and serve.

I disagree with Kevin -- or maybe I am misunderstanding the play.

It's an illegal hit -- signal three. The situation describing this is in the examples of when to use each signal in the back of the case book.

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