An Ukrainian here! :-)

Hi there! My name is Lev, I am currently second-year volleyball referee, and a sophromore college student in Ukraine.
I started playing as an opposite hitter during a season of 2017/2018 for some small Christian school in Western Illinois which I attended as an exchange student.
I actually started playing out of boredom and I was not really related to the sport before, but I fell in love with it.
After returning back home to Ukraine, I got into a college but succesfully failed try-outs there. So I've decided to become an official. Completed weekend-long clinic, passed an exam (both twice), and here I am, in the middle of my second year officiating. And, to be honest, I like it even more than playing!  Smile

Congratulations and welcome Leon! Great to see younger folks getting into officiating! It surprises me volleyball doesn’t have more college students and young adults in officiating.

It is a smaller world than we realize ... where did you go to school at in western Illinois? Monmouth? IC?

I went to schoon in Quad Cities.

Lev, welcome aboard! Feel free to invite some of your fellow referees!

(01-28-2020, 12:29 PM)yawetag Wrote:  Lev, welcome aboard! Feel free to invite some of your fellow referees!
Thank you, I'll try!

If you get a big group and you all want a private space to discuss and chat, let me know. I can set up a private area just for you all.

(01-28-2020, 11:46 AM)LeonXBB Wrote:  I went to schoon in Quad Cities.

That’s too far north to be western Illinois!   Tongue

Then again, most people only know “Chicago” and “the rest of Illinois”.   Big Grin

As someone who lived in the St. Louis area, married to a woman from southern Illinois (Murphysboro/Carbondale area), I'm well aware of the "rest of Illinois".

I didn’t know that! We need to meet for a beer (or work a game together) sometime!

EDIT: still drinking coffee ... I missed the “d” on “lived”. You know we can’t see anyway.

Yep. Moved away in 2018. I live in Charlotte, North Carolina now.

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