Securing Patch

Need some guidance on how you use a magnet to secure your patch. I've tried the ID badge magnets (with the sticky side to the patch) and the same thing using double-sided tape - neither would adhere permanently to the back.

Being the patch isn't iron-on, I don't want to try using any glue, as I worry it will seep through and show on the front. But I want to get the magnet permanently attached.

At this point, the wife and I have come up with two options: (1) attach metal to a different piece of cloth, then sew it to the back of the patch, or (2) use magnetic thread and "spiderweb" the back of the patch.

Any other ideas? I don't want to permanently attach to the shirt, but to make it magnetic.

I’m a snob ... my shirts are all embroidered because I like the front and side logo look.

Though I admit, I like the look of our IHSA logo on the blue patch background.


[Image: IHSA_Volleyball_2__75154.1506269738.jpg?c=2&imbypass=on]


[Image: IHSA-Sleeve-patch.jpg]

There was a thread over at Umpire Empire about magnetically placing patches.

Yeah, it was that thread that mentioned both double-sided tape and the magnets. Neither have worked well, though.

I’m assuming you want to be able to use the shirt for multiple sanctions?

I’d say sewing the patch to another (heavy) fabric with the magnets sewn in between sounds like the best option.

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