My Introduction

Hello everyone!

My name is Andrew and I'm the creator of I started the site because I couldn't find a good public resource for all volleyball officials to join and interact with other officials. There are other resources out there, and I would love to see those mentioned here over time, but they required (1) access to a social media site and approval to the group, (2) specific qualifications, (3) membership on their site, or (4) defunct. I want this site to solve all four. For one, anyone can come on here and read the posts. There's no requirement that you're a volleyball official to join. It's also free to join!

About me: I'm a new volleyball official. At the time of this writing, I'm a week away from my first scrimmage ever of volleyball. I'll be working middle school and high schools games this fall and - if all goes well - looking at club league and other opportunities. For the past few months, I've spent countless hours studying the rules, the case book, mechanics, and watching dozens of matches on YouTube to learn from the referees. I'd like to say I'm ready, but I know it's going to be crazy!

I have been in the officiating world for a while, though, just finishing my 13th year of baseball umpiring. I've primarily been at the high school level, but have done some college ball.

I'm hopeful will become a well-known resource for all volleyball officials. Right now, it's just the forums, but I envision a full site with articles, stories, and reflections from officials at all levels and experiences.

Hi Andrew!
I was too lazy at school, so please forgive me for my mistakes in English Smile I can speak Estonian and Russian, but English is not so good as previously mentioned languages.

Good start! But i think that you need to make something like brainstorm for planning future details for this website (it means If you don’t have a team, then you should focus on a specific topics - you can't do everything (articles, stories) - IMHO!. To be honest, I also have plans to create a similar site for the volleyball referees, but my MAIN IDEA is to create community, where referees can be trained (theoretical part with the online testing system, which is based for example on MOODLE LMS or something similar). This year we (me and some key persons from volleyball federation in my country) try to replace in some regions the annual paper test for referees with the online testing. This will save time on manual checking of tests and referees will quickly receive an answer about the test result...

So, you have announced your website before me and I really hope that you will succeed. Smile


Welcome to the site! I would love for the site to become a great resource for all volleyball officials. Training documents are definitely on the list. Right now, I'm hoping to grow the forums. Once we have a solid userbase, I hope to have people willing to help build the articles and news and training. Online tests would be awesome and something I'll look into when that time comes.

For now, invite your fellow officials! If you all need your own section to discuss local information, let me know and I can set up a private group for you all.

Thank you for your comments!

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