IHSA State Tournament - meh; NFHS TV — terrible!

My wife and I went to the first round of Illinois’ State Tournament yesterday on our way out of town for the weekend.  $8 admission (per 1/2 day session, each), $7 sodas, and $10 popcorn.  Considering the drinks and popcorn were refillable all day, I won’t complain too much there.  We enjoyed the games and Redbird Arena in Bloomington was nice.  The whole things was very subdued for a State Tournament in my opinion.  No fanfare, a few sponsor displays, nothing to promote a fan experience.

Anyway, I came to gripe about watching the games on line ... 

Since we have a few local teams playing, we wanted to watch the final round today.  IHSA advertised and promoted that you could watch the games on IHSA.tv, so we figured we could catch the last round that way ...

OMG ... their process and user interface is AWFUL!!!!!!

First, we get on the website to watch the 9am game and just get a black square using multiple browsers, devices and connection methods.  They don’t tell you you have to subscribe.  We stumbled across that.  It is $11 and even just getting them to take that is buried and convoluted.

Then we go through the whole process again ... black screens.  They don’t tell you that it only works on an app or Google Chrome.

OK, another round of trying to log in ... “You are trying to stream on multiple devices” ... now we are trying to figure out what devices and browsers we were logged in to ... finally, get it down to one device, on Google Chrome ... “Your stream has been interrupted.  We will resume when we can reconnect to your event.”

Now I am venting while we are finally watching ... AAAGGGGGHHHHH!

Sounds horrible! It would seem NFHS would find a way to make that process very simple. Does the $11 only cover the one day, or is it a subscription for a longer period? Only Illinois matches, or anything on NFHS?

Here in SC, Officials get into state events for free. Just have to show our NFHS Officials card. Even get access to the hospitality room for the officials. I was going to head down to the state volleyball matches, but it was the last open weekend for a family trip. Our group got the 4A matches, and didn't get the 5A because a local team was in the finals.

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