What goes up ... should you come down?

Based on Yawetag’s post on another forum ...

When you are on the tower (R1) and there is a need to speak to someone (your partner, the site administrator, etc.) is it proper etiquette to remain on the stand or to come down?

Stay, but crouch / bend down, or step down one step with one foot

I've always crouched down.

We did talk about this at our organization meeting last week. Our assigner said that if it's an extended break (injury, for example), coming down the ladder isn't a bad idea.

I might even do it if there's an intermission between sets 2 and 3. No reason for me to be up there while the dance team is doing its routine or seniors are being recognized.

I could see that for an injury, just to be respectful to the player. Staying up there may make it seem as if you are rushing the situation.

They do their senior recognition between sets?! Here it is always between the JV and Varsity (or 7th and 8th grade) games.

I’ve always done the crouch down, but a I’ve only had to talk to my partner or a player before. Since they are game participants, I felt that was appropriate. If I had to summon an AD, you have me thinking I would probably come down now. Don’t know that I would have thought about it before.

(10-26-2019, 12:58 AM)The Man in Blue Wrote:  They do their senior recognition between sets?!  Here it is always between the JV and Varsity (or 7th and 8th grade) games.

They've been between games here, so probably not a good example.

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