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Last night I am working with a very green new official (who I have worked with before).  I was running a little behind getting there from work.  We go through a few servers when Team Lady Bulldogs does that funky libero switch that involves three players.  As #19 comes back in to the front row, the scorer informs my R2 that Team Lady Bulldogs has #10 listed in that spot.  He stops play and checks his card and he has #10.  He comes over to explain it to me and says they have an illegal substitution.  I ask if it was the libero switch and he says “It might be.” and goes back to the scorer’s table.

I see some more conversation, then he goes to the coach, and then he comes back to me.  “They don’t even have a #10.  It was an error on their coach’s part and we didn’t check lineups.  What do I do?”

Now, I’m pretty sure we didn’t do it all correct (two very low level teams that are laid back) ... but we charged them a substitution (#19 for the non-existent #10) and resumed play.  I believe I should have administered an administrative yellow card. (I know we should have checked line ups. I’ll take the fault for rushing around when I arrived and getting out of my routine.)

Food for discussion before I go look it up ...

7.2.4a says if a team submits a lineup with a number that no player has, the team shall legally substitute a player with a legal number into that position and are charged with a substitution. So far so good, but this generally comes into play at the start of a match when the lineups are checked. Even so, it seems the proper thing to do to have them substitute like you did.

Because play had started, you also have 10.3.7.a or b illegal substitution. So for that, you add on an administrative yellow and take away any points that the Lady Bulldogs had accumulated according to the penatlites under section 10.3 (varies depending on who is serving and alternating serves). And yeah I bet the Lady Bulldogs are going to howl about that part!

My reading leads me to concur ... she was an illegal substitution and we missed the yellow card. Fortunately, the easy part was no points had been scored as her team had just won the rally to get the serve back. She was just coming on to the court and was caught before the serve occurred. That leads me to think they should have lost the serve though ... ?

Yes -- loss of serve/ rally.  Point to the other team (who rotates and serves).  Put the proper player in the game.

It's all the points scored up until she served that are not lost.

She never served ... she was the libero replacement when the libero rotated to the front.

(10-03-2019, 12:15 AM)The Man in Blue Wrote:  She never served ... she was the libero replacement when the libero rotated to the front.
okay -- all the pints scored in previous rotations / serves that are not lost ...

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