6 feet and no foot faults (NFHS 2-1-6)

So, in the spirit of the three minute BM (if you weren’t there, don’t ask) ...

I started to read the NFHS volleyball rule book.  Not just bits and pieces, but actually read it.

I have watched a lot of volleyball when my daughters played.  I have been doing this for a few years now.  I have NEVER seen this done, but ... by rule, the server must have six feet of approach space.  If there is less than six feet (e.g., playing a tournament on two cross courts and the bleachers are right behind the server), a line should be marked giving the server the required six feet even if it extends into the court and goes beyond the end line.

I made it to Rule 2 before blowing my mind.

I remember that from my reading! I wasn't aware you had to mark it, but just mention in your pre-match.

We have a tiny little rec center that hosts some middle school matches that gets a new serving line taped in every match. Side effect is that it is one of the loudest venues we have. So small, such enthusiastic parents and high pitched middle schoolers.

Yes, but 6' really isn't much. I've been in some cramped gyms, but none that didn't have 6' to serve from.

I’ve only encountered it at tournaments where they are playing two side-by-side courts across instead of the normal one court in the middle of the gym. I don’t recall ever seeing any adjustment made though ... the girls just had to deal with the “shortened runway”.

Is this a Fed-only rule? I don't have the knowledge of NCAA or USAV rules.

I have only done NFHS volleyball, so I couldn’t speak to the others ...

A quick scan of NCAA rules just says the court is required to have 6 feet of clearance (9 feet for newer facilities). Nothing about what to do if that's not available.

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