Collective Block

Back row setter is up front, there is an overpass. The middle hitter goes up to block, the setter stays on the floor and reaches up but it too short to reach the top of the net. Spike comes from the other side and touches the middle hitter. Is this a back row attack because the setter is participating in the collective block, or not because no part of the setter is above the net?

I realize it is clear cut blocking foul if the setter is above the net at the time the ball touches the middle hitter, but the NFHS rules are unclear when the setter stays below the top of the net.

9-5-1 NOTE: If a player near the net is reaching above the height of the net and opponents legally cause the ball to contact him/her, the player is considered to be a blocker. A back-row player attempting to play a ball in the space directly above the net is considered an illegal blocker if the ball is attacked or blocked by an opponent into the back-row player while the player is reaching above the height of the net (including simultaneous contact).

The way I read this, a block requires the player's hands to be above the height of the net when it contacts the ball. Because your player didn't have his/her hands above the net, they aren't blocking and thus aren't part of the collective block.

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