Greetings from Florida

I'm a 3rd year middle/high school ref in Florida. I look forward to participating in this new community. 
I do a lot of R2, and getting weaned into R1. So much to take in and process in such a short amount of time for both positions. It gets a little smoother each year but there is still a lot of elephant left to eat.

Do you use two referees on all matches?

Here in SC, R2 is only around for Varsity matches, so it's hard to get someone trained as R2 before moving them up. In fact, of my first three assignments, all three are R1 and one is a solo double-header.

Also, if you have any fellow referees in your organization, feel free to let them know about the site.

I can also set up a private group if your organization wants it, giving you all the ability to have your own area that only approved users can access.

We are solo for middle school only. Freshman, JV, and Varsity all have R1+R2.

Welcome to the forum dbwill!

I guess I don’t realize how “good” we have it in Central Illinois ... solo matches are only when a partner has a last minute issue/doesn’t show up.

We work both R1 and R2 every assignment, so you are R1 for either the JV (7th grade in MS) or the Varsity (8th grade in MS). There is no “work in your way into it” or only working R2 for a while. Upper tier schools may pass on newer officials for a little while, but there are enough schools around here that you will be working right away (as long as you get your name out there).

In MS season, it can be possible to work 2 assignments in one night, as some of the inner-city schools have gone to 4:00 starts and you can push it for a 6:15 start at another school. I don’t recommend this and don’t like when people do it, but it is sometimes a necessity.

The shortage of officials is a contributing factor to all of that though.

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